Orange-tinted snow makes ski resort look like Mars


Skiing on mars that's what one person on social media said it looked like with orange tinted snow on the slopes in eastern europe the strange sight baffled many ski resorts with pictures on social media placing the orange snow in parts of russia ukraine romania bulgaria and moldova including so chee russia the site of the two thousand fourteen winter olympics meteorologists say there is a reason for the phenomenon the orange snow is caused by sand from storms in the sahara desert being picked up by a storm system with rain and snow i'm alex hinton polls don't bode well for facebook following a breach of trust in the cambridge analytical scandal reuters ipsos online poll found forty one percent of americans trust facebook to obey laws that protect their personal information which is far less than the sixty six percent who said they trust amazon and sixty two percent alphabets google i'm barbara kusak i make my texas superfood from fifty five raw vineripened fruits and vegetables you can see all fifty five on texas superfood dot com nutrients that we need on a daily basis i lost sixty pounds i mean that's huge since i've.

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