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To vice premier who oversees china's economy mnuchin is also said to be considering a visit to beijing to pursue negotiations trade tensions sent the dow industrials plummeting one thousand four hundred thirteen points last week the supreme court has already heard one major case about political lion drawing that has the potential to reshape politics now it's taking up another one the arguments justices will hear wednesday in the second case a republican challenge to a democratic leaning congr national district in maryland could offer fresh clues about what they're thinking about partisan gerrymandering decisions in the maryland case and the earlier one from wisconsin are expected by late june republican pennsylvania congressman ryan kostelic has announced that he will not seek reelection in november boosting democratic party hopes of taking another seat costello's announcement comes on the heels of a democrat upset in a special congressional election march thirteenth in the western part of the state well if the easter bunny happens to drop some candy in your basket and you're worried about your weight what should you go for i on nutrition experts say the best chocolates to eat our reese's peanut butter eggs there only ninety calories and peanut butter not sugar is listed as the top ingredient tootsie easter egg shaped pops are next followed by russell stover coconut cream eggs cadbury cream eggs and hershey's easter kisses wow no you didn't say the phrase i was actually looking for here that which was eat reese's peanut butter eggs they're good for you peanut butters get for i know but you didn't say that specific phrase no i think we're all missing here you can have as much as you want thank you mommy six minutes now in front of the hour on this morning america's first news it's three pm and you just ran out of ink you have a report do which is two hours from now you can't push the.

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