Ndamukong Suh Gives the Rams a Terrifying Defense


The breaking of news in dhamma consumers who has signed with the los angeles rams of inglewood anaheim inglewood hollywood park year at fourteen million is that what i read a year at fourteen million dollars in dhamma consumer is going to join a defense that has aaron donald arguably the best defensive player in the nfl so it's going to be sued donald and questionmark brokers was a defensive tackle so we'll see what they do with the other defensive because they play three four because it's wade they traded ogle tree weird to me a little bit but now they can afford and dominic and sue right linebacking core i think they signed remake wilson who's a former chief he's okay not great rams might be looking at linebacker which is pretty deep in this fairly deep at least in the first round so i feel like they could put me between those two guys and i could do some damage perhaps so you have sue the point is you have suing donald upfront at the point of attack right and then you have marcus peters in keep to leave hey let's add three pro bowlers tour defense pretty awesome i'm so excited they're coming to denver to defensive coordinator in the league happens the weight phillips right now my goodness now son a bomb as love in life man you know what it's so hard not so like when they come to town of i'm a bronco fan but i'm ruined for weight so hard i love that guy should be noted that suit took less money to go to l a as opposed to the chance as opposed to just become one of the play for wade phillips let's be honest if you're if you invents right why would you not want to play for wakefield joe woods is such it up and comer and we can make up for him wade being gone audio wade phillips we don't need you anymore this funny because every move in the nfc right now makes me think about kirk cousins and the vikings and it's like oh this is going to be so hard is it a three to be so hard for you because the rams came in and they went in the first round.

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