Cornerback Malcolm Butler says he was never given reason why he didn't play in Super Bowl LII


About bella check the tuck rule that none of that matters what he did to malcolm butler to me that's the stain on then it's not a big thing but it's a stain on bella check the greatest coach we've seen in football i don't i no no no for me this is no not going bell you can't it's hard for me and again i'm a player former player in our ways would question coaching specially when not in outright agree in the decision that bella check has or had to bench malcolm butler in that super bowl game we will never quite know the fullness of it but i truly believe that there was something that he was trying to do he's a chess player and he's a thinker he may have been trying to diss engage the interest for teams wanting malcolm butler so that they can retain them at a lower rate and it that may of last year bowl that backfired but i just don't i can't question bella check when he the decisions that he's always made it's typically been right he's made them right and he's been successful these jesus he's not infallible no i'm not saying valuable nobody's saying he's infallible can't both of these things be true can't he have made what you would consider in the short term a mistake but in the longterm be the reason that they go to eight super bowls and that's really what it is like we can question the methods we can question why trade away jamie collins last year when they had no pass rush but we can't catch in the fact that he keeps finding way to get guys that buy in at a lower rate than they should and be successful.

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