Navy F-18 fighter jet crashes into water near Naval Air Station Key West


The new york conversation from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly the international red cross as an aid convoy is making its way into rebelheld eastern gouda today in syria twenty five trucks are involved in coordination with the un russia's un ambassador is questioning britain's motives after prime minister theresa may announced twentythree russian diplomats are being expelled over a nerve agent attack on an expired his daughter may blames moscow for the attack in southern england but ambassador of a selena benza is pushing back he's heard here through an interpreter don't forget the is well known as a state which uses targeted assassinations by drones and listening hearing from you invectives against us is something that is odd the us navy is investigating the crash of a fighter jet off the coast of key west florida as nancy klinger with member station w l are reports the two crew members aboard were able to inject but neither survived the faa eighteen super hornet jet was on final approach to the airfield at boca chica key part of naval air station key west wednesday afternoon search and rescue crews recovered the pilot and weapons system officer from the water about a mile east of the runway the crew was on a training exercise they were based at naval air station oceana in virginia wall street futures are higher this morning i'm david mattingly in washington i'm richard hake on wnyc in new york students in the region are speaking out against gun violence across the country students walk out of class yesterday for a national walkout calling for tougher gun control measures and honoring the seventeen people killed in the park land florida shooting last month at grace dodge career and technical education high school near the bronx zoo students gathered outside to make their demands.

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