The Nerve Agent Too Deadly to Use, Until Someone Did

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm korva Coleman. The special election in Pennsylvania's eighteenth congressional district is too close to call democrat. Connor lamb is leading his Republican opponent, Rick Saccone by fewer than seven hundred votes. The district went for President Trump by about twenty points in the last election. Democrat lamb says his campaign was based on common ground among constituents. We fought to find common ground and we found it almost everywhere. Democrats Republicans independents each of us Americans, but Republican, Rick cone is not conceding the election. You know, I never give up. You know, my first race went into the night and we won that. My second race was the same way. I mean, we're, we're kind of used to this hour, right? So. That's it. We're not. We're not. We're not giving up about a thousand absentee ballots have yet to be counted. Schools remained closed for the second straight day in many areas of New England as the region continues to dig out from a powerful nor'easter as NPR's tovia Smith reports the winter storm is also foiling plans for a student walkout in support of gun control ever since the mass shooting at a Florida high school student leader, Michael MArtinez has been organizing Massachusetts students to join the national walkout planned for today. I'm celebrating a snow day this around. I'm really, really sad. Students will lobby lawmakers as they'd planned to do after the walkout. But MArtinez says it won't be the same. Just the concept of walking out of school and and being a little bit civically disobedient. It's a great way to get attention on the issue. And so now we're not gonna have that, but MArtinez points out the organizing will not be for not as. Are already underway for several other events. Soon. Tovia Smith NPR news, Boston organizers say that nearly three thousand walkouts are planned for students across the country today. The theoretical, physicists and cosmologists Stephen hawking has died at his home in England. He was seventy six as Larry Miller reports hawking became one of the world's greatest scientists while dealing with a debilitating disease. When Stephen hawking contracted a LS or Lou Gehrig's disease in nineteen sixty three. He was given two years to live, but he went on to excel at Cambridge University and become the director of research at its center for theoretical cosmology. He tried to understand the mysteries of time and space. Black holes in relatively hawking, wrote a number of books including a brief history of time. He refused to give into his increasingly debilitating condition in two thousand and five, unable to speak. He helped develop a computerized voice synthesizer controlled by moving his cheek. Was surround before the big bang. His children's spoke of his inspiring courage, persistence, brilliance, and humor for NPR news. I'm Larry Miller in London. It's NPR. Federal prosecutors have charged three, Illinois men with bombing, a suburban Minneapolis mosque last summer as Matt Sepik of Minnesota public radio reports. No one was hurt in the explosion, but the building was damaged authorities, say forty, seven year old. Michael hurry twenty two year old. Joe Morris men twenty nine year old, Michael MC water traveled more than five hundred miles from east central, Illinois, Bloomington, Minnesota, and tossed a pipe bomb through a window of the Daro Faruk Islam center. MacQuarie allegedly said he wanted to scare Muslims out of the country. The FBI's Robert bone says, the case has been the top priority of the Minneapolis field office. We and our law enforcement partners, no longer believe there's any further threat to the community related to this incident. The men are also charged in the attempted bombing of a clinic in Champaign, Illinois that performs abortions for NPR news. I met setback in Minneapolis Britain's deadline to Russia has passed. Russia has not given Britain and explanation about. How a Soviet era nerve agent was used in the poisoning of an ex, Russian spy, and his daughter. Russia has previously denied involvement and Russian officials say they won't respond to Britain's ultimatum until they get a sample of the military grade poison. British Prime Minister Theresa may is expected to discuss Britain's response to the nerve agent use in the city of cells, berry police in Papua New Guinea have increased the death toll from last month's powerful earthquake to one hundred twenty five people about thirty five thousand people have been forced out of their homes, the magnitude seven point five quake struck the region February twenty six. This is NPR news.

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