Warriors' win over Kings marred by scary injury to McCaw


And back with the nba wizards heat both could clinch playoff spots with wins on saturday or pistons loss after missing two months washington welcoming back guard john wall john wall crossover gerbil mock attack there's the left and the right hand layup is good and one john wall flexes to the crowd he'll go to the line to try and finish the three point play you like that hesitation attack they're you're so look quick and strong that's the key federal newsradio he had a quick impact coming back now knee injury retirement twenty seven game absence fifteen points fourteen assists wiz one oh seven and ninety three over the hornets bradley deal twenty two as the wizard a club record with eighteen three pointers wall post game on nbc sports washington but even very frustrating very nervous i got the border alumni soon i i got my my side so that made it easy for me i had to push the issue too much getting acclimated to you again because they've all told me it's about two practices for them to get accustomed to having you back out there when you play with me i'm a guy i'd like to get my teammates guys get some easy shots tonight on pushing the basement the two guys had a little bit entire leads the last couple of weeks of playing so many minutes pays too much because more i play a little bit of time but it's easy to just trying to find guys it'd be aggressive at the same time so the wizards clinched lieberthal school with about a half minute left in overtime to brooklyn up for good wade missing at the buzzer next beat the heat one ten to one zero nine to deny miami a playoff clincher at least for now a game after katie came back klay thompson return for the warriors saturday after missing three weeks with an injured right thumb he hadn't played since march eleventh a span of eight gains but certainly had an impact in this one dot clock at five the west to cook cook back to clay cook gave up a shot play has to force up a shot corner throwing up didn't even have a good release ninety five seven gave thompson scored twenty five katie twentyseven amazing with this team is when.

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