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Com president trump has signed an executive order establishing a task force to study the us postal system president trump says and the executive order that our postal system is on an unsustainable financial path unquote mr trump also says the system quote must be restructured to prevent a taxpayer funded bailout unquote the job of the task force is the study factors like pricing in the package delivery market the task force will have one hundred and twenty days to submit a report with its recommendation correspondent andrew stewart the order does not specifically mention online shopping giant amazon but president trump has railed against the company and its owner jeff bezos more than a thousand bodies most of them believed to be the islamic state group fighters that were killed in the militants last stand and the iraq city of mosul have been buried in a mass grave outside the city nine months after they were defeated news and analysis at townhall dot com i'm keith peters this is chris wires with remax dynamic properties bringing you the real estate minute your home should be calming and nourishing place no matter what your occupation of work schedule sometimes to sat in color can make your home feel more balanced in warm so do take your time deciding on color for room get a paint sample and paint a bit on the wall in watch it under various light conditions of the day and evening if you don't like it try other variations of the color or maybe a new color if you want a room to look bigger go for a white shade or cooler tone if you prefer cozy atmosphere choose a warm tone which is a darker color to make ceilings look higher goto shades or more lighter than the wall color or go with white you'll real estate minute has been brought to you by chris wires of remax dynamic properties chris wires provides residential real estate services for buyers and sellers chris wires phone number is three three eight eight to nine two dr this year off right and make dental appointments for your kids at kids dental tree kids dental tree is a warm and welcoming dental office just for kids kids dental tree is located at the corner of diamond and the.

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