Teacher victory: Kentucky House overrides tax increase veto


Slowly and then it just started coming down through town he wants birds be split all the final two to fours metal and then stuff just rips started coming off power lines going down trampolines in kentucky teachers there are claiming a huge victory with tens of thousands of teachers including ellison hamilton looking on kentucky lawmakers voted to override the republican governors veto of a two year state budget it increases public education spending through a nearly five hundred billion dollar tax increase we're here for we're here for no other reason today education is their only way out so putting it gop governor matt bevin immediately indicated he will call a special session of the kentucky legislature to again debate state spending jim chrysalis cbs news kmox news time is five thirty three here's some bad news for music fans a headlining act for alternate amphitheater summer concert series is cancelling for health reasons laura's cancelled his entire twenty eighteen tour yesterday because of an inner ear disorder that's causing vertigo and hearing loss huey lewis and the news was scheduled for june twentyfourth show in alton refunds are being given the alternate amphitheater is working to find a national act fill the group spot in that concert series came watch news time is five thirty four and we're going to check your forecast for the weekend at five four a story komo eggs news has been following for some time admits having an affair and now it's getting louder lawyers accused the prosecutors team.

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