Confronting the 50 years since MLK's assassination


This week the nation suffered a tragic loss when the reverend martin luther king junior was assassinated fox's tonge powers reports from a museum in memphis the plans to honor the civil rights leader the national civil rights museum in memphis is the destination for many people this week who were observing the fiftieth anniversary of dr martin luther king junior's death outside the museum one couple from chicago told me making the trip was especially important for them always waiting to come and then it's the fifty year anniversary so it was a big motivator they told me the most memorable part of their visit was also the most historical the room near the balcony dr king was shot being near the balcony pretty commemoration events include symposiums and art exhibits that are planned throughout the city this week in sports the women of notre dame to feed mississippi state to win the ncaa championship national championship sixty one on westwood one nc double a radio network the men's championship is tonight sixty eighteen march madness tournament culminates monday night when three seed michigan meets one seed villanova at.

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