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Saw advertised was no longer available rain overnight with rising temperatures tuesday brings heavy rain at times and a threat of severe weather by late afternoon i'm staying lear here's what's trending this hour indianapolis apartment complexes didn't do right well in a test of their compliance with fair housing laws americ berman the fair housing center of central indiana sent out twenty five pairs of testers tried to rent apartments one was black one was white comparable income information center says twelve african american testers weren't given as many units to choose from as their counterparts seven others encountered other unequal treatment eric berman network indiana indiana pork producers exports re hundred twenty million dollars worth of soybeans to china each year but now the chinese have tacked on a twenty five percent tariff bob white with the indiana farm bureau says hoosier farmers are left with limited options we can go out and we can go to india and we can get promises they're gonna make up three hundred twenty million dollars very doubt and he is worried about what comes next soy beans beef corn ethanol maybe purdue university global has launched online the rebranded kaplan university is looking to enroll mid career professionals and former students seeking to complete degrees that there are subject matter experts on our purdue campuses who will help purdue global create new and strong degree or do global chancellor betty vanden boss says you'll see a lot of promotion soon i'm staying lear on the level on the go on twitter at ninety three wibc and wibc dot com now here's the forecast from the american standard heating weather center clouds increase tonight and so are overnight rain chances with steady temperatures rain heavy at times with.

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