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Trying to beat the shit oh someone out of fucking amusement park where like a child's toy or some shit what is wrong with the world china's married not married fuck face eighteen year old far from married from that she met on christian mingle dude that's like a that's like props to her almost what is fucking around eighteen year old when you're thirty people go to jail for that no no really don't know we don't that's literally the opposite of what they go to jail for i know they go to jail for when they're like sixteen and they're like twenty eight that's not really the opposite but like i mean they're legal no i i don't know why no one's talking about that because when tiger was like fucking with kylie when she was like seventeen but like there because that was a legal this is going to sound weird is it illegal if kris jenner is like yeah cool yes and no like technically yes like is there is there like a parent's permission slip that they could sign and be like this is sick like the parents can report it if they want but then it's still illegal because then what would what would stop a apparent from selling their kids virginie's full circle hulo no you can't sell fraternities but like if they child virginity in that conversation do you know what i mean when they're the guardian i mean i don't know i just like it's like what i'm saying like no one's saying anything about black china dating someone that's twelve on your younger than him her whatever whatever it is i don't know i i mean i don't i don't really care hey man loves love bro.

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