NYLON · Tonight's Full Moon In Virgo Is A Container For Our Grief And Our Healing


More negative energy that i really don't need to attract and last but not least don't be so mental and picky okay right now in this fullmoon the energy is to release the picky the nit picky attention to detail i mean it's important to pay attention to detail but if you're stopping yourself from doing something because you're just trying to get it perfect before you launch lawnchair or before you make that phone call to get a new job or said that email like obviously proofread stuff you know don't just created and then send it off but if you are just spending so much time looking at the nittygritty and your stopping yourself fronts taking that next step yet his take the next step release sat fear release judgment of herself of others while lease okay i actually did a beautiful releasing ritual on my facebook group on my facebook group in my facebook group the fit pierce fabulous facebook group it will still be there so if you're listening to this you know can always scroll down in check out of the for you to check it out sas to join so instead of focusing on the negative getting anxious being really jetty turner focused tune your focus to being grateful being grounded and allowing your dreams to happen up level up level up level it's scary it gives you anxiety release mb grateful okay chinese things dream big and allow this full moon to let you release what's no longer serving you next step we have the new moon which is march 17th it is a pie sees sign okay so it's gonna take on many aspects to mars in raina okay guys this new man that's coming up march seventeen the pisces it's a dream sign it's gonna be really interesting okay so get ready because assumes going to expose a very painful wound in your soul.

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