14 dead after Canadian junior hockey team bus crash


Factors not available in all states in canada a deadly crash has killed at least fourteen people on board a bus that was headed to a junior league hockey playoff game abc's todd ant has details transport truck friday night on a rural highway in schedule on canadian police say there are fourteen injured three of those injuries are in critical condition rcmp inspector ted monroe investigations early stages numbers on the scene we're still trying to deal with those obviously the casualties and most importantly injured to the hospitals police say the bus was carrying the humboldt broncos to a game when it crashed todd ant abc news a utah dad is working on his laundry game and feeding routine after his wife gave birth to quintuplets utah couple kamien schuyler scott already had two children and tried to have another for five years with some help from fertility experts they found out last year they were expecting quintuplets jamie scott gave birth to three girls and two boys at a phoenix hospital in march dad's schuyler scott says he's ready to turn their home into a diaper changing factory i read that by the chinese quince heard potty trained will change about thirty five thousand diapers so i will help i'm going to get really good at that i've i've gotten really good at laundry dave schreiber abc news babies are said to be in good health they'll be out of the hospital in a few weeks this is abc news hi it's jamie progressive's sorry pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law burn fat orlando lose up to thirty to forty pounds or more but absolutely.

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