Austin bombings: Package heading to Austin explodes at FedEx


Cbs evening news sponsored by mine cast with roy texas bomber strikes again package exploded and the distribution facility here in shirts federal agents fan out in a desperate hunt for a killer also tonight at school shooter is dead and a resource officer is being praised as a hero violent weather tornados in the south the west braces for another round of mudslides and the east for a fourth nor'easter a polygraph examiner says stormy daniels with truthful about an affair with donald trump while another accuser sues for a chance to tell her story we returned to puerto rico six months after hurricane maria were a step closer to a male birth control pill but we'll take it and firefighters remember american heroes this is the cbs evening news with jeff glor good evening we're going to begin tonight in austin because these serial bomber has struck again a fifth package bomb went off early this morning in a fedex facility in schertz texas between austin and san antonio this time there were no serious injuries but now investigators have an important new clue in the hunt for the bomber blamed for two deaths and four injuries a package that did not blow up omar villafranca is in austin first responders described what they saw at this fedex facility after a bomb went off injuring an employee lounge middleton the wrong fbi atf agents working sixty miles away in austin immediately arrived to investigate a package had been traveling along the automated conveyor when it had it had exploded later in the morning a second suspicious package was located at another fedex facility near austin fedex released a statement saying the suspect shipped a second package that has now been secured and turned over to law enforcement former atf bomb specialist tina's shero worked on dozens of bombing cases she says with each explosion investigators collect a.

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