Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix describes 'shadow' election tactics


I'm shopping at total wine and more ap radio news i'm tim maguire the white house insists president trump is not out to fire special counsel robert muller may be saga megani has more the president's ramped up his attacks for the first time going after mother by name in a tweet and this morning calling the probes into russian election interference a total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest what you guys have seen is some well established frustration presidents but a white house spokesman hogan gidley says the president is not looking to get rid of muller there are no conversations or discussions about removing mr mueller meantime the president has added a new lawyer to his legal team in the russia probe former federal prosecutor joseph degen of oh who has publicly talked about justice department efforts to frame the president with a falsely created crime saga megani at the white house britain's channel four arizona undercover video of in which kramer cambridge politica executives boast of swaying elections in africa and europe ceo alexander knicks is seen in the video saying the company has secretly recorded agents offering corrupt campaign financing deals to politicians and essent girls around the candidates house to create damaging videos cambridge analytica was suspended from facebook last friday after reportedly using some fifty million user profiles in a protrump manipulation campaign to people been injured another in another package bomb in austin texas this when police say set off by a twitter trip wire last night laura mcginnis who lives in the neighborhood where the latest bomb went off admits to being worried it immediately st no strike percents of hearing you but you have to stop and pause and be like okay i'm fine this hasn't affected me yet but it's so close to home and it's been such an ongoing problem here in austin that it just makes you wonder why why haven't we found this person yet two people were killed two others hurt in three previous bombings in which packages were left at the front doors of the homes this is a radio news uber stops at self driving car tests after one hits a woman in arizona police in the phoenix suburb of tempe arizona say uber self driving vehicles struck and killed a pedestrian overnight police say the vehicle was in autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel when the woman walking outside of a crosswalk was hit.

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