6 months after Hurricane Maria, CBS News returns to Puerto Rico


Governor says that by an acting law that bans most abortions after fifteen weeks of just asian the state is quote saving more of the unborn than any state in america and what better thing can we do republican governor phil bryant made the comments while he signed the law today in a closed ceremony the state's only abortion clinic and one of the doctors who practices there filed a federal lawsuit in jackson an hour after the governor signed that measure into law mayor emanuel and congressman gutierrez will lead a delegation to hurricane ravaged puerto rico on friday bill cameron says there are political overtones lonzo for reelection in eleven months and a relief mission to puerto rico doesn't do his support in chicago's puerto rican community any harm at all the city of big children's well being resources to make sure we will not rest until families and friends in puerto rico not just have power but have other ability to do what they need to move on and get back to work be able to raise their families as well and the qatar is spin in was to compare rahm to roberto clementi at a baseball field dedication a baseball field that it's fitting to the memory and the legacy of roberto clemente but at the same time mary you're fulfilling that legacy by leading a delegation to puerto rico as he did to managua nicaragua where he lost his life at city hall bill cameron wls am eight ninety near a suburban teacher and coach has died after suffering a heart attack or nick gale with that brooke north high school has announced that physical education teacher and coach mark roberto died sunday after suffering a heart attack while on a bike ride sunday afternoon during his time at glennbeck north ribera acted as a coach for the boys water polo wrestling and football teams in a staffy male the principal gb n says that quote ribera was a.

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