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Casper wyoming before we do that people talk about how trump lost the popular vote by three million is my tater might producer tater knows about three million votes but did you know that california by itself delivered to hillary clinton plus four point three million popular votes so except for california that doesn't matter trump easily won the popular vote and would have won the socalled electoral college by nearly eighty votes it wasn't even close you get rid of the state of illinois the city of new york state of california completely dysfunctional areas look what you got he she one new york city by two million votes in illinois by about one point five million head it all up just in those three areas that's nine million popular votes trump easily carried most of america outside of california by one point three million thrown eleanor new york city it's more like eight million votes he carried me wasn't that close and so because of that please sink the trumpster is the motto of the resistance movement and part of that resistance movement beginning two years ago is coming rosenstein and mckay investigation of trump and the campaign started in the summer of two thousand sixteen twenty sixteen in may of last year may seventeen of last year two thousand seventeen the attorney general jeff sessions who's a fool and a clown recused himself giving it over to rosenstein reported muller so from about two years the fbi department of injustice has been investigating candidate or the president and at this point put up or shut up let's continue with sherry and tennessee tears for texas tears for tennessee and sherry welcome to the bill cunningham show sherry please go ahead terrific jack i just wanted to say when trump does questions i don't think he should have to answer not at wanted to answer any questions except on the russian investigation because rosenstein does not have three to get some.

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