'Avalanche!': 5 caught in 'cloud of snow' after snowboarder dies during blizzard


Rust belt or in favor of it too much snow way too fast in the mountains of northern california nearly five feet of new snow over the past week triggered an avalanche in california sierra nevada engulfing five people injuring two one seriously the fastmoving cloud of snow at the squall valley ski resort varied one snowboarder later rescued by the ski patrol and others is carmen roberts earlier this week a snowboarder at a lake tahoe resort was killed after being buried in a lizard camp who sell fox news radio wlob fm and am next with maine's total weather from channel eight wmtw good were breezy day on saturday under partly cloudy skies as we know forty on sunday a little calmer with the wind partly cloudy skies lows no lower 30s highs the upper 40s for next week looking at high temperatures in the low 40s and then also cease a chance for rain and snow as we head toward went to date from channel eight i'm meteorologist ted mcinerney bring you maine's total weather sometimes auto accidents aren't really accidents at all they are stage delivered crashes designed to make it look like it's your fault when in fact you're the innocent victims the criminals that are behind them are interested in one thing money from an insurance claim if you think that accident was not really an accident at all protect yourself probably take pictures of the damage the people in the other vehicles.

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