Police evict Trump staff from Panama hotel amid ongoing dispute


Sarah sanders though saying if you were surprised by this you weren't paying attention the president's been talking about doing this since the campaign abc's serena marshall joining us from washington thank you so much serena thank you the trump organizations management team at of trump luxury hotel in panama has been ousted after a clash with police stemming from a business dispute abc's linda lopez reports the trump name being chiseled off the hotel now that the trump management team has been a victim from the property police entered the lobby of the trump ocean club international hotel and tower in panama city monday intense moments and shutting between police and trump employees the new majority owner had gone to court to a big the company run by president trump sons citing bad management other hotel and saying it's losing honey trump team at the hotel resisting until police arrived to carry out the eviction the trump organization calling it a designed to long fully seize control over the hotel property lopez abc news komo news time three eleven time to head over to the sportsdesk and a lot of mariners fans very pumped up today they are bosom because well we thing malta reports say the mariners in each row close to way ah one eight year contract with it would obviously reunite each euro a with the arabs now this is being brought about primarily due to some health concerns with mariners outfielders including ben gammel who we learned this morning is going to be out four to six weeks with a strained oblique so i each euro at least if this plays out as we believe it will will be a guy can step in on a need basis pinchrunner late in the game pinch hitter as well will let you know if it becomes official official a number of fifty one may soon find his way back to safeco field as far as the occur mariners are concerned an off day from sprang ball down in arizona they'll get back out tomorrow in peoria against the rockies ed tonight add six o'clock it's the husky coaches shore final coaches showed basketball season will hear from both mike hopkins and jodi win for coach wayne it's going to be a recap on her season which ended last week in the pac 12 terni for coach hot it's looking ahead to the.

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