West Virginia lawmakers OK teacher pay raise to end strike


Virginia teachers are headed back to school along with the state's quartermillionplus public school students the teacher's strike is over w t r f tvs page madden the sense of excitement outside of john marshall high school was almost tangible due to the promise of a five percent raise in the end of these statewide teacher work stoppage this is a good thing it's it's being fixed we will be part of the process to business and we'll come together and we'll work on that for a long for not just teachers and service personnel but for all public employees west virginia naturally wanted all along many teachers say they want nothing more than to be back in the classroom and they plan to use this experience as a lesson for their students of virginia man facing charges of marijuana possession and driving while intoxicated after a police pursuit and ended with him running over himself fairfax county police say 30yearold isaac bonds who got out of his car in tried to run but he forgot to put the car in park and it ended up hitting him he wasn't seriously hurt jim chenevey cbs news it's 1205 the beer is new station kcbs partly cloudy today with a chance of showers by tonight wednesday evening the morning i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening the san francisco corners been called to the scene of an officerinvolved shooting in the city's mission district shooting happened at about ten 45 last night the 21st encamped streets frank ponsa lives in the mission and saw what happened he tells kcbs officers stopped a vehicle and we're trying to get a man to come out of the truck lady police officer was quoting a guy into problems because it was a guy to come to get out to show his hands and he showed that but then he rolled over and he had a gun ice you know i could see that he shock first and then they just uh let loose on this is the body's now in the street covered with a white sheet the ads he saw woman in the back seat of the vehicle she was arrested the there are no reports that the officers were injured san francisco police remain on the scene with.

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