Florida lawmakers approve bill to restrict rifle sales, Oregon follows suit


Forty three seventy night news i'm dave packer not going to do it a former trump campaigned advisory says he won't obey a subpoena to testify to the special counsel's grand jury investigating russia this as a top house lawmaker says he wants to question him we get more from abc's check secrets and sam nunn berge among a fairly large group of witnesses that need to testify says top democrat on the house intelligence committee california's adam schiff from novocur has to shed on what the president new report from bloomberg says he's already been interviewed five and a half hours by the special counsel he was on msnbc cooperate why do i happen he hours over by either presidential press secretary sarah sanders as we said many times before uh there was no collusion with the trump campaign jokes iverson abc news later to the associated press lundberg predicted he would end up cooperating with a special council part two of a onetwo punch for the northeast the region bracing for its second winter storm in a week friday's nor'easter caused the deaths of at least nine people left hundreds of thousands without power many still with the lights out this man in westchester county new york bank police got a generator to keep his family warm hooked up to our refrigerator and some of i he uh some of the neighbors aren't as lucky as we are but it's frustrating a new storm could dump up to a foot of snow in some areas in florida the senate passing by a narrow margin a bill to put restrictions on rifles sales and allows them teachers to carry guns in schools and a ripple effect of gun legislation after the park lane school massacre oregon wasted no time reacting to the florida school shooting joining the chorus of voices calling for restrictions on gun sales to those guilty of domestic abuse now the challenge will be to update and coordinate databases containing records of those charged with crimes the disqualify people from gun ownership abc news legal analyst royal oakes you're listening to.

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