Sen. Joe Manchin: 'It's not gun control, it's gun sense'


Can you do joe can deter them some of the things you acted on how can you weighed what amy and what have we had the meant and here with us is democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia thanks so much for being here so that hasn't j that was first of all it would adding diane feinstein's a ban on some semiautomatic weapons would that help your bill would help our all it would kill yeah and i've told diane and i'm not taking anybody's guns away from them we can't even get background checks that makes gun sense there's not a lawabiding gun owner in america doesn't believe that if you go to a gun show and if you go on the internet you need to know through a commercial transaction who the person has and what they're intent what they're back wrath that's all we didn't take we protect at all the rights of lawabiding gun owners so our bill is basically crafted the basically accepts a lawabiding gun on her doing the things that we've done in our culture but also making sure that the bad person or the terrorists that advertise on on on the internet said go down to the gun show and get whatever you want that needs to be closed that should be the the base bill that we work and we we cover this extensively into it as a thirteen when you went senator toomey introduced at the nra lobbying heavily against it in in your view misrepresenting sometimes it wasn't the bill president trump on wednesday night was him you just heard i'm right there at the next day he met with three of the top leaders of the nra one of them chris cox ahead lobbyist tweeted i had a great meeting with president trump and the vicepresident we all want safe schools mental health reform and to keep guns away from dangerous people potus nv potus president the vicepresident support the second amendment supports strong due process and don't want gun control hashtag nra has dragged make make america great again very mixed messages from president trump on this issue do you have any idea if the.

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