Buses leave US Embassy in Moscow on expulsion deadline day


Live from npr news in washington i'm louise schiavone a striking proposal from the us surgeon general today as the nation battles and opioid crisis dr jerome adams is urging more people to carry the medication no lock zone used by first responders to reverse an opioid overdose adam spoke on npr's morning edition one of the things that we're doing if working with pharmacies working with providers working with the american medical association and the nursing associations to increase training on how to administer in the lock zone in homes but overall and i'm an anesthesiologist who's administered in the lock so many times myself it is easy to use and forty nine out of fifty states have standing orders for people to be able to access and use no laaksonen the home setting the surgeon general says one hundred fifteen americans die every day due to an opioid overdose sixty america matt's in moscow heading home part of a mass expulsion of us diplomatic personnel by russia charles maine's has more from moscow three large buses departed the back of the us embassy in moscow early thursday morning as the us met a russian imposed deadline for sixty us diplomats to leave the country the expulsions are the latest fallout from an international standoff over the poisoning of former russian agent sergei skirt paul and his daughter on british soil last month using weaponsgrade nerve agent futures are up for both the dow nasdaq i'm louise schiavone npr news washington i'm richard hake on wnyc in new york the nypd confirms officer shot and killed a black man holding a metal object last night in crown heights brooklyn they were responding to nine one one calls that the man appeared to be holding a gun police chief terrance monahan said four officers fire ten rounds at the man who matched the nine one one description who has been identified as thirty four year old saheed vassal officers later discovered he was not holding a gun the object coming from hi with some sort of novel monahan says officers fired after vassil pointed the metal object at them he was pronounced dead upon arrival at kings county hospital mayor de blasio says he's cautiously optimistic about a deal that brings a group of breakaway.

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