Marc Jacobs Is Engaged to Char DeFrancesco After Epic Chipotle Proposal


Y'all somethings working bradley's last nerve on the colleen and bradley show on mytalk one zero seven one streaming live at mytalk one zero seven one dot com everything entertainment colleen lindstrom bradley trainer and it it's no different than any other day but today we're calling it out somethings working bradley's last nerve what is it practical how would you get on my last choline and bradley present working my last nerve stepping on my last nerve so why i feel that this is not it's working last nerve marc jacobs proposed to his fiancee at a chipotle that is what's working my last nerve now do you know the story generally speaking yes i understand he made a he made a proposal at chipotle well put so much more much more on wednesday night the fashion designer marc jacobs posted a video of himself dropping down on one knee asking his boyfriend charlie d frencesco to be his husband now that in and of itself calling sounds adorable and you know like totally of the time right like you do it on social media it's how we live our lives.

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