Department of Justice inspector general investigating alleged FISA abuses


News intelligence abuse probe on jack callaghan fox news there will be an investigation into alleged abuse of the pfizer court by the fbi at the request of the attorney general and members of congress the inspector general for the department of justice will lead a review examining the department's compliance with pfizer court request from house intelligence committee republicans alleged misuse of the pfizer court by doj and fbi officials to secure intelligence warrants a trump campaign adviser is part of the russia investigation democrats on the committee called those allegations cherrypicked in misleading blogs with jared halpern in washington there's been another departure from the president's cabinet veterans affairs secretary david schulkin being replaced after controversy arose about a trip that he his wife and top staffers took overseas it cost taxpayers more than one hundred thousand dollars and much of it was spent hud sightseeing president announcing his new va pick is navy rear admiral ronnie jackson been the white house physician for the last several years south korean officials say north korean leader kim jong un will be north south korea's president moon jae in at a border village on april twentyseventh it will be only the third summit ever between the koreas and could lead to a meeting in may between kim and president trump south carolina senator lindsey graham telling fox news.

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