Young people give Pope Francis a piece of their mind


Collaborative exhibition traveling exhibition we might actually have three people and that's going to have to be recorded and that's going to be a challenge because as everyone knows when you interview people on speakerphone it's usually a disaster so it will probably be each time though the hold the phone and then hand it to the other but to be able to have gary intro the director of the museum of fine arts houston with his curatorial colleagues at the same time talking about this great exhibition michelangelo now you're probably saying is this the exhibition from the met in new york city which has broke all records has been just absolutely fantastic it is not the same exhibition here's the twist this is about the relationship between the mature michelangelo in the fifteen forty s in pope paul the third the pharmacy pope came from a very very wealthy art family of connoisseur ship and patronage in the arts the great farnese palace in rome just think of that he becomes pope in the fifteen i think in fifteen thirty two sometime around there here's the pope who presides over the first part of the counter reformation trying to bring the faithful back to the catholic church after the successes of fifteen seventeen and martin luther and the protestant reformation as you all know it is a period that i particularly like in terms of the arts in terms of all the arts that hundred years from about fifteen fifty to about seventeen hundred most people think oh if it's not the high renaissance i'm not really interested i'll tell you the theatricality the beauty the costumes the poise of the human figure in mannerist and baroque painting alone and sculpture is enough to say this is a totally different direction these people were modern artists and they were pushing the boundaries at the.

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