Both Florida US Senators want states to adopt restraining order laws


Com i'm gordon griffin students are marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida where seventeen people were gunned down in february so getting young americans mobilized and registered to vote will be their focus in the months to come speaking on cbs is facing asian and other sunday morning news programs student cameron caskey called young voter turnout in recent elections embarrassing florida's senators marco rubio bill nelson offer legislation to address gun violence senator marco rubio says the bill creates an incentive for the rest of the states to do with florida and five other states have already done and that is put in place strong extreme protection risk orders so that law enforcement and family members have a tool that they can use to go to court convince the judge that this person is dangerous and take away their guns before they can take away anyone's lives senator rubio together with senator bill nelson say the bill also prevents those people from buying more guns the bill was introduced following the school shootings in parkland florida that killed seventeen students and teachers linda kenyon washington palm sunday being celebrated around the world today correspondent juliet walker reports from new york city we're one church had a donkey a donkey take part in the procession dominate comes from a petting zoo and he led this palm sunday procession down broadway in lower manhattan from saint paul's chapel to trinity church wall street there are few hundred people of all ages out here carrying crosses and palm fronds along with drummers palm sunday is the start of holy week which ends with easter at trinity church wall street i'm julie walker china's still isn't indicating what actions it may take in the trade dispute with the united states but beijing is repeating its warning that a trade war would harm all.

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