'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison for fraud


At cabelascom china's accusing us president donald trump of damaging the global trading system by hiking steel and aluminum tariff while japan and south korea expressed alarm at potential economic caught china's cameras ministry said it firmly opposes trump's move it gave no indication whether beijing might make good on threats to retaliate south korea's trade minister speaking at an emergency meeting appealed to other governments to prevent a trade war trump's of the tariff hikes ordered thursday were needed to protect us national security by ensuring the survival of the country's metals producers japan's foreign minister said in a statement these measures could make a significant impact on the economic and cooperative relationship between japan and the us who are allies this year's oscars ceremony included two words that could mean real change when it comes to casting and ap p entertainment editor of schools gabril reports one hollywood stars has is going to do his part to help are a lot of people this was the first time they heard inclusion rider but now that oscar winner frances mcdormand has uttered the cry expect others to echo it like michael be jordan the costar of black panther says he will have inclusion writers in all projects done by his production company jordan says doing so will follow the lead of women and men who are taking up the fight to make hollywood more inclusive for those unfamiliar with the term an inclusion writer is a contract addendum that requires a hollywood movie or tv project to hire a diverse cast and crew a moscow's gabriel former bro martin's throw he's been sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud ap's wore levinson reports the sentence brought tears to scrawl he's eyes martin shkreli wept at his sentencing and apologize to investors i am sorry i lost your trust he said shelly dubbed the pharma bropher his smirking dismissal of critics became notorious when he jacked up the cost of a lifesaving drug the crime for which he was convicted had nothing to do with that he defrauded investors into failed hedge funds prosecutors painted him as a manipulator who conned wealthy investors shelley's defence called him a misunderstood eccentric rallies already served six months of the sevenyear sentence the judge imprisoned him early after he jokingly offered followers five thousand.

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