Trump's lawyer says Stormy Daniels violated confidentiality agreement 20 times


Full pension now in jeopardy president trump's lawyer michael cohen wants a lawsuit brought by a porn star to be moved to federal court in los angeles the suit was filed by stormy daniels who claimed she had an affair with the president attorney cohen claims a woman could oh twenty million dollars in damages for violating a nondisclosure agreement so her real name is stephanie clifford she is now seeking to invalidate the nondisclosure agreement she has offered to return the one hundred and thirty thousand dollars she was paid the filing accuses clifford of violating the agreement more than twenty times and a separate filing says trump would join request to have the case heard by an arbitrator quite the honor for a fallen massachusetts state trooper who was killed in the line of duty trooper thomas cloudy was struck and killed allegedly by an impaired driver during a traffic stop in the mass pike in march two thousand sixteen as we hear more from wbz's kim tunnicliffe clarke's memory was etched in stone thomas clarke's widow and six children were on hand as governor baker and state police unveiled a granite monument in his honour outside the charlton barracks work lardy worked great community guy wonderful father who spectacular husband who is taking way too soon cloudy was remembered by state police barracks commander lieutenant michael smith for his mastery of the english language especially when writing police reports smith read out loud portion of one of clarke's reports the phrase in a voice course and buy out the hall in the words were spoken in such savage hey says he ran into gather in an unintelligible growl scarcely resembled human speech kim tunnicliffe wbz news radio ten thirty coming up next on wbz remembering a state police trooper.

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