Trump reaffirms plan to meet Kim Jong Un by end of May


Number one source for news is his newsradio w g o w chattanooga a cumulus station summit still on now the investigation i'm michael toscano president trump reaffirmed his plan to meet with north korean leader kim jong un by the end of may this afternoon during a call with south korea's president trump voice with the white house describes as cautious optimism over recent developments it's a combination recovery operation and investigation now at miami's florida international university workers are still trying to get some of the cars crushed under the pedestrian bridge that trumbull down as others try to figure out why it happened removing almost two million pounds of concrete and steel is just one of the jobs still facing miami's first responders most critical thing is to get to the victims get the remitted to the remains of the people that are underneath that bridge miami dade police director juan perez we want to get to the bottom line of water card so that we can bring closure to the families bring closure to the investigation and so that doesn't happen again the ntsb is running its own investigation looking at engineering design and the human factors that may have caused the collapse rory o'neill miami the official death toll is six renegade republican senator jeff flake of arizona doesn't want to stay in the senate but there's considerable speculation he's running for president flake address that this morning in washington not running for re election to the senate running for president is not in my plans but i have not ruled anything out and then senator flake got on a plane and flew to new hampshire really and there he criticized president trump calling for a return to decency encouraging job numbers today as ann cates tells us there were six point three million open positions at the beginning of the year an all time high according to the labor department roughly the same number of people about five and a half million found work or left their jobs in january for two thousand seventeen the number of people hired topped sixty five million while the number of workers who quit hit thirty eight million thanks on wall street stocks are mixed now the dow industrial the nasdaq narrowly down stocks heading toward a loss for the week i'm michael toscano kids work traffic the reasons.

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