Will Trump's North Korea gamble actually pay off?


Follow us on twitter too at wbz newsradio for updates and everything you should know about the storm for people still in the dark are cleaning up from the last couple of nor'easter's the prospect of getting the power back on only to perhaps lose it again isn't pleasant right now meema says about five thousand people remained in the dark from last week's storm wbz's karyn regal spoke with a weather weary guy in the hard hit merrimack valley christmas just got his power back saturday night but he was really worried about the live line down so his artistically inclined son put up a warning i giant sandwich board at the end of the driveway well i wanted to try and get the attention to the trucks that were running up and down main street and we're on a side street huron concerned that we might get forgotten so the best way to do this to draw attention to yourself and having a twelve year old son who loves art no really helps the line is repaired now and now it's time for the chainsaw to cut up all the downed trees on his property therapy chris sense and handover karyn regal wbz news radio 1030 wbz news time 102 lawrence police are asking the public's help in finding a missing woman the fiftythreeyearold was last seen at a nightclub on south union street she's described as lightskinned with dirty blond hair in a thin build last seen wearing a white blouse blue leggings and maroon boots anyone with information is asked to call lawrence police president trump is again sounding an optimistic tone about as planned summit with north korea's leader mentioning him at a rally in pennsylvania last night to a boeing crowd to which the president responded no it's very positive president trump also told the crowd quote we have to be very nice this follows a tweet which he said he thinks north korea will stick to a pledge to suspend nuclear tests in advance of the summit i'm tom forty the white house is confident the donald trump kim jongun meeting will happen this potential meeting has been agreed to their no additional conditions being stipulated but they cannot engage in missiletesting economic engaged in nuclear testing and they can't publicly object to the us south korea a planned military exercise reputable white house spokesman sean abc's this week with cia director mike pompeo insisting the whole time this conversation takes place the pressure.

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