Details emerge about victims of California veteran home shooting


Six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom president trump takes it on the road i'm kim duffy fox news president trump never turns down a shot to talk to a crowd i love this place hello pittsburgh hello holding a rally in pennsylvania for republican congressional candidate the president certainly did not make it just about that making a quick pivoted to his own accomplishments like his upcoming meeting with the leader of north korea and knock you to send missiles up think of it they're not sending missiles up and i believe that i believe that i really do i think they wanted to do something i think they want to make these i think it's time and i think we've shown great swing president says his new tariffs on steel and aluminum are saving the industry in the us the president also believes in sentencing drug dealers to jeff sank toughness is the only way to solve the drug problem and the president rolled out his reelection campaign slogan 'keep america great those who knew the man who fatally shot three workers at a veteran's treatment center in california are talking about what was happening leading up to the deadly standoff a legal guardian for thirty sixyearold albert wong says the veteran who served in afghanistan was having difficulty readjusting wong actually sought treatment at the pathway center where the shooting took place and was told to leave some time ago for an unknown reason fox's anam housley with more on the victim killed worker for gorelick 43yearold critical director christine lober 48yearold executive director and tudor for consolidate twenty nine year old clinical psychologist the three have been part of a programme that's really intertwined in the community here and that gunmen in veteran albert long also took his own life inside that center the money is rolling in fast and furious for black panther this year disney's hit film surpassing the one billion dollar mark in less than a month since its release is the fifth film in the marble universe to earn that much money it's also the second best most successful superhero film in the us of all time behind the dark nights fox news fair and balanced.

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