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That. I heard that he up for my for in my view, Why here All the good liners? But you know, it's funny, Tony, Tommy, you guys have been here thirty years between the two of you. I've been here additional what seven and a half on top of that, And it's just you calling us old issues. It's interesting because it's funny to see you guys it watching you guys talk about what brings you here. What are the exciting things we're working on and stuff like that. I want to put a couple plugs out there. One thing that Tony you've often talked about before is a Chris Rock special that to end, this kinda came up before, but talking about, you know, who's drugs are illegal in the government doesn't want you to use your drugs than in and they want to use their drugs on the plug out there, running Chris Rock bent on, put out plunked for my piece that totally says his his piece before I bring thought of that new. But now we both have have written on this over the years. You know, this concept of We are all drug users, and at folks You just google, We are all drug users. No find some good stuff for me and Tony Tony's written a lot of steps over the years as last year held little quiet. Some of my favorite things that like when I first started getting into drug policy reform back in the day, it was the stuff that you were writing, that that really resonated with me. And and just the outrage on a simple level, not a policy level, but like kind of lucky were just laying it out before I mean does this doesn't make sense. I mean, we we leave people owner don't have a problem that are causing problems, and we give help to the people who want it. And yet, I mean, it's it's just punative to hear you guys talk about this stuff. But yet it's this is the kind of things that when when I talk about what we do here, people kind of you know, they look at you the like what you just did. They kind of squint Thursday thinking like, Wait, Does that make sense? Like Is it? Is it okay to. Just let people use drugs like heroin, meth of, And then. And then when you start making sent saying like, well, people are using drugs either way. So I don't we make it as safe as possible. Try to give people helping you know in the places where they've pretty much legalized drug. I mean, look, Let's talk about that for a second. The Dick just the concept of legalisation doesn't necessarily mean going to a seven eleven being able to buy your cigarettes and a Paraga heroin. But for people who struggle with addiction for long term, I mean, just today New Mexico pass something that says, You know, this is an effective way to deal with opioid addiction for people who've struggled in it. Have haven't responded to all these different things that are out there. Why not try this heroin, assisted treatment kind of thing that works in places like Switzerland and Denmark And people. I mean it's it's a it's a very sensible way people wait in line The we've talked to a medical professional, their steered towards treatment. It it works towards addressing the root causes that these problems that people are having. It just makes sense. So anyways, I just want to put a couple of those plugs and another plug. Just two to wrap up. This whole conversation is our society is swimming Indra Tony's won a pill one another one Tony's favor line. But Tommy and Deir maybe we could ask listeners The email. I would love people's thoughts on Tweet at us at drugs and stuff. DPA Sony, You're also on Twitter. Maybe they'll Twitter, you at Tony Newman DPA. If you have ideas, you know, again, We would love to help try to strategize with you. You know, tell us what stories You think we should be pitching, which storage should the podcast. Tommy Tomean Derek, be hosting email reach out to us. We we do. We do appreciate the wisdom from so many of our listeners. Yeah, We really appreciate you all listening air. We know that you are listening and we want you to know that We're listening. So. Talk to us, let us know what you want to hear, let us know. And dairy cow can may hit us on Twitter one more time. The tweeter machine at drugs, DRUG s the letter an stuff DPA because we wanted to make it difficult. That's the handled. So make sure you slide into them PM's. I gotta say this, this may be the longest 10-minute Quickie conversation. Uh, that I've ever had, But this is an amazing conversation and you know what, We don't do this enough. So tone. You've got to come back and join us here, drugs and stuff. It's been great to be on with you guys, and I really I loved what you guys are dealing and uh, you know, I it's so important had many platforms, many ways reaching people, many voices and I can this podcast is a really intimate waited to get people to share their thoughts on drugs and stuff. And you guys are doing a beautiful thing in and thank you for having me on today. Yeah, we should get a copy of this conversation to HR when the ah raise conversation comes up by, I think, uh, that two says it all now, doesn't it? When it comes up Oh shit on the one is gotta do Dirksen valuation. Our God, I just like painted myself into a corner. They're not did mine. All right. So Newman as a co-worker, but more importantly as a friend as a friend who goes, we we go way back once upon a time in the pro out Anyway, thank you for coming on my guy. Thanks again to my tact, imparted Derek Rosenfeld told him, No woman to play appreciate you might guy drugs of stuff y'all later music DJ. Chosen stuff is brought to you by the drug policy alliance, if you like, which you're in the podcast, Tuesday favorite rate, the Sean I tunes, give it five stars and a nice review. Also, we'd love to hear from you. Tweeted us at drug sense of EPA use the hashtag drugs and stuff, and check on our website, drug policy dot org to see the other work me do Santa for our emails and donate Special. Thanks to our producer, Catherine Heller and so the hardworking staff at the drug policy Alliance for all of their work. Thanks for listening.

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