Tattoos in Jesus Christ Superstar that a problem?


Who is is there anybody in note to from john just sunday night they did it now nbc has been known to to do these live oh oh yeah it's been more and more of a trend like it's always been a thing once in a while that they would do but i know that they've done like a a number they did a peter pan one at some point peter pan and christopher walken was in it awhile ago i saw some of it wonder spray hair sprays grease yeah yeah anyway this is starring john legend as jesus yeah which when i first heard that i was like yeah let's let's see how that works out and they had reigned in victor dixon as judas and i'm like i don't know who that is so if i don't know who he is and they've got him playing judas this guy has got to be able to sing likely you gotta mother feud is can't be pretty good at but also i mean like you go like oh my god what is the hardest thing to sing not technically necessarily but you have got to sell judas and you've got to sell the the conflict judas yeah what's the what's harder than that oh jesus maybe because like that whole part and gets them any like but i'm starting to become fucking suffer this yes so i watched this and listen i am perhaps i'm not a big musical theater guy i'm not like huge into it i know enough about musical theater from having been an actor and having done a hell of a lot of musical theater when i was a kid.

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