Teen girl missing after attending party in Lake Tahoe area


Authorities have released a video plea from the mother of a missing 16 year old California girl I'm Lisa dwyer with the latest A search is underway for a 16 year old California girl who vanished on her way home from a campground party in what police fear was an abduction Kylie Rodney has not been seen since early Saturday the sheriff's office released a video plea from Kylie's mother asking for help I just we just want her home where it's so scared and we miss her so much And we love her so much And Kylie we love you and you see this please Please just come home She was seen driving away from an end of high school party and truckee California And we're not looking to make past anybody else for anybody in trouble We just want to see her daughter home Her phone has been out of service since the party and her car a 2013 silver Honda CR-V has not been found I'm Lisa dwyer

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