I Thought Fascists Hate Women...


Fascist hate women. I'm a little bit confused. They've elected a women, a woman premiere for Italy, from a party with fascist roots. Nobody better tell them what the roots of the Democrat party are. Let's talk about all that and much more. In fact, real fascism in America with somebody who is, well, he's a professional troublemaker and that's why we invite him to guest host here on America first. Uncle Jimbo Jim Hansen, welcome in studio one on one. I get to be with you, Seb. Did I hear you say that you're moving to Sweden next week? Not moving, but we'll move across the pond or visiting relatives. I have relatives in Sweden and barbarian. Are they fascist barbarian Vikings? Barbarian Vikings they carry axes and they put the banners up and everything. Yeah. I can't wait because Sweden, as he also said, we're all talking about Italy, but before that Sweden elected a very extreme right neo fascist party. Because they believe in God, it was other problems. I think there was pretty much they believed that crime and uncontrolled immigration and all of the woke politics that were destroying their country were probably a good thing to stop. Do they believe Sweden is good? Do they believe in the country? Is that the issue? Is that why they're fascist? Because they believe in Sweden? You know, this nationalist thing. I think is wonderful to watch because it's okay to love your country. It's okay to believe that your country has something special. We do, and we have good reason to Sweden, can again, and they want to. So does Italy. Good on them. So maybe they should have, let's do a bit of consulting for them. They could come up with some kind of political catch phrase like make sweet and great again. Something like that. I make Italy great again. That's catchy. I think it's going to work because they've already started. That's the good thing. The people saw that life under woke rule life under social Democrat or whatever you want to call their version of socialism was destroying their country. And they said, maybe we should stop. I mean,

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