Get to Know Hung Cao, U.S. House Candidate for VA-10


You're running as the Republican in the tenth congressional district in Virginia which is right outside of Washington but it also stretches a bit Tell everybody a little bit about your background From Vietnam in 1975 and then we escaped there within days of the fall Saigon Came over here and my father couldn't find work over here So we had to move to Africa So I grew up I spent 7 years in Africa And while we're over there my parents we spent 7 years over there I was going to French schools and my parents realized at the age of 12 that this kid probably needs to learn English also So we moved back here My mom brought myself in my sport sisters back here while my dad remained over there for 15 years by himself working and seeing him every 6 months but I want to I grabbed on to that American Dream and I want to Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology I was the first class to graduate from there I went to the United States naval academy I got my master's in physics from naval postgraduate school and I was a fellow at MIT and at Harvard But I paid everything back with services country I served 25 years in special operations I thought in Iraq Afghanistan Somalia I was in Pakistan during the earthquake relief I was in the Balkans I dove the ocean depth I recovered John F. Kennedy Jr. but then that's been required last October because just watching Kabul fall and seeing mothers hand babies to marines Just broke my heart I mean that's exactly what happened in Vietnam And so I decided to run for Congress Wow And how old are you I'm 51 sir 51 well you've led a full life at the age of 51 And a very patriotic

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