Bill Cosby lawyers cry foul as civil sex assault trial looms


Don't don't don't don't look look look look now now now now but but but but there's there's there's there's another another another another Bill Bill Bill Bill Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby sex sex sex sex assault assault assault assault trial trial trial trial on on on on the the the the horizon horizon horizon horizon this this this this one one one one in in in in California California California California jury jury jury selection selection selection begins begins begins next next next week week week in in in a a a case case case in in in which which which the the the comedian comedian comedian is is is accused accused accused of of of sexually sexually sexually assaulting assaulting assaulting a a a teenager teenager teenager at at at the the the playboy playboy playboy mansion mansion mansion in in in Los Los Los Angeles Angeles Angeles nearly nearly nearly a a a half half half century century century ago ago ago Bill Bill Bill Cosby Cosby Cosby is is is not not not expected expected expected to to to attend attend attend the the the proceedings proceedings proceedings but but but his his his lawyers lawyers lawyers will will will be be be there there there and and and they're they're they're already already already trying trying trying to to to get get get the the the case case case thrown thrown thrown out out out before before before it it it starts starts starts the the the issue issue issue is is is a a a recent recent recent filing filing filing by by by plaintiff plaintiff plaintiff Judy Judy Judy Huff Huff Huff she she she said said said she she she now now now believes believes believes the the the assault assault assault was was was in in in nineteen nineteen nineteen seventy seventy seventy five five five when when when she she she was was was sixteen sixteen sixteen and and and not not not seventy seventy seventy four four four when when when she she she was was was fifteen fifteen fifteen Cosby's Cosby's Cosby's lawyers lawyers lawyers say say say that that that to to to torpedo torpedo torpedo the the the case case case entirely entirely entirely the the the judge judge judge seems seems seems inclined inclined inclined to to to disagree disagree disagree the the the trial trial trial is is is set set set to to to begin begin begin Monday Monday Monday I'm I'm I'm Oscar Oscar Oscar wells wells wells Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel

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