Tim Michaels Wins Wisconsin Republican Nomination for Governor


Got renominated last night. You got renominated last night. Any upsets anything interesting happened in Wisconsin elections last night? Well, I mean, the governor primary was coming down to the wire. It was close to Michael's prevailed over Rebecca, clayfish, Rebecca, clay fish, was the former lieutenant governor, endorsed by former governor Scott walker, Tim Michaels is a businessman who was endorsed by former president Trump. And so that was a very hard fought primary to Michael's prevailed and so now we have the task of uniting the party behind Tim Michael's in order to oust governor Evers, who has been a terrible governor and he was vetoed any number of common sense conservative legislation. So that was really the race everybody was watching. You know, there were a lieutenant governor's race where a state senator from my district, who I know well prevailed, but other than that, it was mostly the governor's primary that people were focused on.

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