The Rift Between Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen


Let's talk about Tom and giselle. So Tom Brady and giselle have apparently both hired divorce lawyers. Some of my friends are already joking that after they split their assets, gisele, is it giselle or is it gazelle? Gazelle, anyway, misses Brady, well, apparently end up with more Super Bowl rings than Aaron Rodgers. I mean, by the time Tom divides his, she will have more Super Bowl rings than Aaron Rodgers has, which is kind of a commentary in and of itself. In any event, the speculation is that she's upset that Tom has decided to keep playing football. I don't want to get into the romantic relationships of people. I don't want to try to give people domestic advice. I'm the last guy in the world that should do that. But honey, he was a football player when you married him. It's not like he was an accountant working at the accounting firm down the street and all of a sudden he had a midlife crisis, decided he wants to try to be an NFL quarterback, completely disrupted your life, and all of a sudden he's an NFL goat, the greatest of all time. He was what he was when you married him. It kind of be like if Tom Brady started complaining and seeking divorce advice over the fact that there is so much women's cosmetics in the bathroom. There are so many hair products in the bathroom at home. Tom she was a model when you married her. You should have figured some of that stuff out on the front end. So apparently the rift at least the reported rift is that he wants to play this one more season of NFL to show he still has it at 44. And he still does have it. It doesn't have much help when it comes to the Tampa Bay team, but he's still racking in the dough, racking in the endorsement. And apparently they've stopped construction on their huge mansion down in Florida as they're trying to sort things out with their lawyers.

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