State Attorneys General Need to Start Raiding Democrat Groups


Also our state attorneys general need to start raiding Democrat groups where we believe there is crimes that exist. They need to feel as if there is pressure on pressure. I said this. And I say it for a couple of reasons. It's true, but also I'm not running for anything. We need to move the overton window of what is actually possible. So we have 27 state attorneys general, right? So let's just take a couple of these. We have BLM groups. We have the chemical castration groups. We have the groomers. We have, how about the ones in Arizona or Texas of nonprofit groups that are funneling people across the border illegally, right? Just go raid them. Get a warrant, do it legally. Here's what would happen. What would happen is if we rated the Sierra club for foreign intervention, which is what they do, they get money from Russia and all this stuff. It's been shown. If we rated BLM, all of a sudden they'd be blowing up senators phones being like, this was really dumb. You see, you never should have rated Trump's home. Good. Now you realize there's a price for this. Minute

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