A Top BLM Leader Is Accused of Stealing From the Organization


There is a very amusing controversy involving Black Lives Matter and involves a guy, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter stealing from Black Lives Matter. So this guy and I got to say a little bit of a tribute to him because he's kind of ingenious in the way he defends his thievery. And we'll come to that. Basically, his argument is that I'm a thief, but I'm stealing from an organization based on thievery, and moreover, he says, you know, these are people who have basically said the justice system is racist and they basically said the cops are racist and they've said essentially that a black man can get a freed fair trial in America. Now they're trying to go after me and do what? Put me into court, accuse me of thievery, appeal to the courts, appeal to the justice system. He goes, I learned from them that the justice system can't be trusted. So I can't be tried in that kind of a system, so I love this because here's a guy basically it's sort of like one of the crooks calling out these crooked principles and saying, didn't we all agree that we're crooks? Didn't we all agree that we don't live by the law? If you are an outlaw organization, why don't you tolerate an outlaw like me within the organization?

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