Trump Invokes Fifth Amendment in NY Civil Investigation


Now on the Mike Gallagher show. Former president Trump said he did invoke his Fifth Amendment rights per the advice of his attorneys during his deposition today as part of New York attorney general letitia James civil investigation, he called the investigation unfounded politically motivated a witch hunt. He said he had no choice, he says this is due to the him invoking the 5th, has to do with the Biden administration and prosecutors across the country having lost all moral and ethical bounds of decency. I guarantee you he hated pleading the 5th today. But what else is he supposed to do? Give them more ammunition? As Fox News reported moments ago, Trump was set to sit down with attorneys from the state attorney general's office behind closed doors. Over an investigation into whether he overstated the value of the Trump organization. Well, you know what his answer was? Go, go, go pound salt. Letitia James, go to hell. Pardon me, I'm just fired up today. I really am and I expect you are too.

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