Why AJ Approves of CNN's New Boss Chris Licht


If you listen to my politics is a bit show, you know that I'm very happy with CNN's new boss Chris licked and what's he's doing with that network. He's basically getting out all the bullshit. He's getting rid of the people who had a very slanted view of news. He wants news that's more central. You know, yes, they're probably still going to lean left, but not like they were leaning in the past. He wants factual based stories. And he made a couple of big hires the other day. One of which was a guy named John Miller who is now CNN's chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst Miller used to serve as the New York police department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter terrorism. You might have seen a lot of him with whenever there was a terrorism story or a bin Laden story. But before that, John Miller worked as a correspondent for CBS News and ABC News, he actually landed a very rare interview with Osama bin Laden back in 1998. It was also the former co anchor of ABC's 2020 and he worked for a decade as an investigative reporter for WNBC in New York. And he's obviously going to help deliver to what Chris look says is CNN's commitment to tackling complex issues while presenting audiences with independent objective news and meaningful analysis across platforms.

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