Florida Governor Sends Migrants to Martha's Vineyard


It started out a few weeks, a few months ago. As governor Abbott says, I'm going to take some busloads of migrants and send them to muriel Bowser's front doorstep there in D.C. to Eric Adams in New York that went well. And then to Lori Lightfoot's neighborhood in Chicago, where she promptly schlepped them over into conservative suburbs with Republican mayors. Cry more, cry more. And then Ron DeSantis, I guess day before yesterday, came up with the idea in Florida that says, let's have areas right there on screen and Salem news channel. Watch the entire proceeding zero in the Salem news channel. Let's take some migrants and let's send them to Martha's Vineyard. And then I can imagine governor Abbott there, the governor's mansion in Austin saying, hold my beer, I am now going to send a couple of bus loads to observatory circle in Washington, two Kamala Harris house. Now, this is an important distinction. I have often said, you remember when they were protesting at Brett Kavanaugh's house where they were protesting at Amy Coney Barrett's house, Supreme Court Justices, et cetera. And whether it's a national issue or a local issue, I am the guy who's always said in terms of protest, stay away from people's homes. Go to their offices, their workplaces, stay away from people's private homes. Ha ha. They're in lies the meaningful adjective because observatory circle is not a private home. That's

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