American Greatness Senior Contributor Julie Kelly on the J6 Witch Hunt


And we are joined by Julie Kelly of American greatness, Julie. Welcome back to the show. Hey, Seb, thanks so much for having me on. Let me just put to you straight away the obvious naive layman's question that we've had what more than 700 people hunted down, arrested more than a hundred, I believe, your correct me more than a hundred still confined in political prison cells, not far from this studio. Mostly on menial low grade charges, such as trespass or the obstructing an official process charge and we have a lack of a similar response to the violence being done across America in the names of social justice, BLM, antifa or abortion. Is that a silly question? Am I, am I? Am I missing something Julie Kelly? As usual, savvy you are not missing a thing. You're way ahead of everything as usual. So yes, oh, I will correct you on one number, though. I believe we are up to more than 850 Americans who have been hunted down by this DoJ. They just arrested someone yesterday, said we're here 18 months later, and they are still hunting down capital trespassers, so subjecting them to FBI raids in one case last week, the FBI used an informant to get a man to talk about what he did at the capitol and he was charged with three misdemeanors. This is the crusade, this dragnet, this witch hunt, I believe they're trying to a thousand total January 6th defendants before election day or campaign season. They think it's some sort of talking point. But yes, we have that part of the dragnet witch hunt going on regular Americans. Then, of course, you have what we're seeing recently, which is the roundup of political figures such as the head of the Arizona Republican Party, Georgia Republican Party, and then of course the FBI raid of Jeffrey Clark's home, and the really egregious confrontation by FBI agents with Doctor John eastman stealing his iPhone before showing him a

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