All eyes on airlines as July Fourth holiday weekend nears


If you're flying this holiday weekend be prepared for crowded airports full planes and higher than normal chances that your flight will be delayed or even canceled I'm Ben Thomas with a look Airlines have stumbled badly over the last two holiday weekends and the number of Americans flying over July 4th is expected to set records for the pandemic era In fact things are almost back to pre-pandemic levels since last Saturday nearly 2.3 million people per day have gone through airport checkpoints down just 8% from 2019 The problems are already popping up with high numbers of cancellations this week some caused by heavy thunderstorms tracking service flight aware says American Airlines canceled 8% of its flights on Tuesday and Wednesday while united scrubbed 4% as to the highways gas prices have eased below $5 per gallon nationally but they're still high in government data suggests Americans are driving a bit less with demand for gas down about 3% I'm Ben Thomas

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