Steve Deace: Why Americans Aren't Watching Jan. 6 Hearings


Oh Dan brother I know that you're a former NYPD officer Secret Service agent and but this is adorable You're actually assuming that on any level this is about getting to the truth or justice You're still a recovering law enforcement officer I'm dry bro grasping I'm grasping at striking man It's the same reason you're right in your book Why thank you Your grasp of me can still save the culture and you've got hope I've got a little bit of hope I'm sorry go ahead I know I know I know There's a 12 step program for that somewhere I think But I mean this comes on the heels of you know there's this story that came out this week that in 2015 2016 hundred Biden was literally filming videos with himself and Russian escorts Prostitutes that are $10,000 a hit which probably would trace back to some Russian oligarchs and certainly maybe potential Putin and blackmail fodder Maybe that's why this prostitution ring might exist And if you look at the timeline of when this is alleged to have occurred this is right when they told us for three years that Putin had a tape of Trump and doing water sports with Russian prostitutes And that's to run and have him infiltrate our election process and be a Russian agent to steal an American presidential election at the same time they claimed that they claimed this narrative for three years It was actually true but Hunter Biden was doing it and self taping it while he was doing it I mean everything that they always doing they do Every single time And I think that's why a lot of Americans aren't watching it I have not watched a nanosecond of it You know I've got a cream rinse to try and there's lotions and other things I want to look at And chamomile tea selection Your wife purchased that you want to check out today without getting a Steve dance

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