Michelle Obama 2024? Joel Gilbert and Charlie Discuss


So I have to tell you the people I really trust for political analysis. They'll all kind of turn around when you ask them about 2024 and they'll lean in and they'll say, but what about Michelle Obama? You see, Michelle Obama seems to be the ex factor. We're told she's the most popular person in America. Before I welcome the film's mastermind, someone I've known for quite a while and we had a phenomenal mutual friend Tom Patrick, May he rest in peace. I want to play cut two 14. Michelle Obama is the most popular woman in America. You know I hate politics. You can forget about the disclaimer. I'm convinced that Michelle Obama is running for president in 2024. Systemic racism pepper spray and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters. She's following the exact same formula that Barack did to become president. Michelle was the keynote speaker at the 2020 Democrat convention, just like Barack was in 2004. Iraq once ran a voter registration organization. Now, so does Michelle. That's how we change America. Salem now dot com. You guys can watch the movie Michelle Obama 2024 with us right now. Is the man behind the film? Joe Gilbert, Joel, good to see you again. Great to be here. Thank you, Charlie. So Joel, I'll give you the floor and then I'm gonna play some devil's advocate and we'll have some fun with it. Why'd you make the film and why do you think Michelle is running in 2024? Well, as you showed in the trailer just now, I think she's following the exact same formula that Barack did to become president of Barack had this voter registration organization. We started in politics called project vote, Michelle started when we all vote, which she was here a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, gave a one hour fiery speech hitting every Democrat talking point. She was the keynote speaker at the 2020 Democrat convention. It's like Barack was in 2004 for John Kerry. That's the slot that they give to the person they think will probably be the nominee. At the next convention, and of course, Barack wrote his book dreams from my father that he based his candidacy on his personal story and Michelle wrote becoming her memoir in 2018. She's still on a book tour for that. So I think she's really following in his

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